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CPMcGraw 11-05-2012 10:31 PM

Schematics, Anyone?
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I think I've mentioned this before, but my other hobby is RC aircraft. Recently I've been bitten by the OT [old timer] bug, and this actually opened up three projects in a similar vein...

I'm starting to cut out the cardstock templates for a 96" Keil Kraft Falcon (aka Ben Shereshaw Cloud Cruiser). This is going to be a fun, though large, project requiring the mangling of a ton of balsa. Not a rocketry-related project, of course, but it helps to recharge the batteries...

This has provided me with the excuse to tackle a second project, namely to build a new encoder board for [drum roll, please] a Pro Line Challenger 5 case and sticks that have been sitting very patiently for the last 20+ years on a shelf. I'll post some pictures to show you the carnage...

This, now, opens up the third project, which I'm wondering if anyone here has tried out or even uses regularly. I'm working with the 1.7.2 beta of the gEDA schematic package. Trust me, it's quite definitely BETA, but it works well enough to use it for this project. This being the SOFTWARE section of our forum block, I figured it might be on-topic, at least a little... :o

The pictures below are:
  1. My trusty Futaba 7UAF, also 20+ years old, which is acting as the donor for one piece of the kit, and the star of this show, my Pro Line case and sticks...
  2. The insides of the Pro Line case, showing the foolishness of my behavior. I cut the old encoder out before realizing what I had. Didn't know the history... :eek:
  3. My circuit diagram for a truly retro encoder, based on Kraft and Heathkit designs...
  4. A revised circuit, eliminating one transistor...

BTW, I'm starting to post on the RCGroups forum, and I've shared this encoder project with them. RCGroups is another vBulletin site...

BEC 11-06-2012 12:51 AM

RC Groups is huge..... you can spend hours just searching for stuff there. Hopefully you'll get some interest in this cool project.

I've been on RC Groups since before there were discussion boards - it all started with a magazine-ish site for what was then a very small niche: electric powered RC airplanes. Last check (a few moments ago) and I have nearly 12,900 posts there - and a number of articles on the Ezone.

But these days I spend much more time here (and on TRF) than on RCG....something about the rocketry bug biting harder the second time....:D

mycrofte 11-06-2012 04:40 AM

I have an old Heathkit setup much like that. I pull it out once in a while to charge it up and see if it still works.

Wish I cold have found the upgrade board for it.

CPMcGraw 11-06-2012 03:29 PM

Originally Posted by BEC
RC Groups is huge..... you can spend hours just searching for stuff there. Hopefully you'll get some interest in this cool project.

Already had one responder who said the first schematic had a necessary pulse shaping element; it has an integrator (RC low-pass filter) feeding the base of the third transistor. This helps remove unwanted harmonics above the pulse frequency.

RCGroups is huge, and I already have spent too many hours reading through some of the threads. If I go missing-in-action, that may be where I'm eventually found... :eek: :D

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