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hcmbanjo 08-16-2020 07:33 AM

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A build of the 3/4 size Centuri Alien Encounter Flying Saucer
continues on my build blog.
Frank really did a great job drawing in all the details.

I added the wire antenna legs and drew up the reinforcement pieces
to the 75% size. They are attached below.
The antenna picture says .050" diameter wire, I went a little thinner.
.039" K&S music wire found at Hobby Lobby, 602201, #5497

There is a 1" reference bar in the scan - disregard that.
The 1" measure was just used as a reference to reduce the scan to the .75"
measurement below.
The 110 lb. card stock reinforcements should have a tight double bend in the center
to fit around the wire.

The wire antennas will widen the outside edges of the "C" fin pieces.about 1/16".
So trim a little, dry fit and trim a little more until the center tube isn't
pushed out of round.

The saucer had it's first C6-0 launch this morning - slow and very stable!
Frank's saucer is a great build - and a little challenge to boot!

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