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snaquin 09-12-2020 01:50 PM

FS: PerfectFlite Altimeters 2-StratoLoggerCF, 1-Pnut, Data Transfer Kit & More
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I have two StratoLoggerCF Altimeters, one Pnut Altimeter, one USB Data Transfer Kit, two 9 Volt Battery Clips, one BH24/SO9V Battery & Holder for 24mm Applications, one Power Switch Cable for Pnut Altimeter, one bag of shunts and six bags of mounting hardware. Only one StratoLoggerCF has been opened but is new [not used] still in itís static bag w/instructions. Everything else is still sealed as shipped from PerfectFlite. The SO9V battery consists of six SR44/357 silver oxide button cells and an insulating sleeve. The battery might be dead as itís a few years old and still sealed so I canít test it so you may need a new battery for the BH24 holder if you choose to use that holder with a StratoLoggerCF in a 24mm minimum diameter rocket application in lieu of one of the 9 Volt Battery Clips.

The three altimeters and the transfer switch add up to about $190 and this entire lot with the extras included based on current pricing from PerfectFlite would cost a little over $200.

I want to buy a Jolly Logic JL-CR1 Chute Release that I feel would much better suit my present needs rather than the two dual deployment altimeters. Also, I just purchased a FS Mini that transfers data via Bluetooth so I donít really need the Pnut either. This is a good deal for anyone looking to expand their altimeter collection for a reasonable price.

Iím asking $130 with payment by PayPal and I pay the USPS priority mail shipping & tracking. I am not interested at this time in breaking things out of the lot. I may consider that later if there isnít any interest or I may consider donating all these items to my club to use as contest prizes.

If you are interested PM me to discuss and Iíll send you the email address for my PayPal account.

Thanks for looking - Steve

5x7 09-12-2020 03:32 PM

Pm sent

snaquin 09-12-2020 05:35 PM

These items have been sold.
Thanks 5x7 appreciate it buddy!

5x7 09-12-2020 06:27 PM

You bet!

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