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Glasspack 10-03-2017 05:51 AM

Bong High Power Launch
Well Thank you WOOSH for another fun time. My son and I flew this past weekend and had a blast. Lost his V2 on his LVL1 Cert flight then found it after a 3 day exhaustive search on Monday at 2 P.M. in 7 foot tall grass. It was just past the cross road at the end of the pad area..... right along the line we traced using a screen shot from the video....
Right where Mark thought it would be ! We searched that area several times ...
Several people even went through there. My wife spotted it....did not see it till she was 2 feet away.

Also we found a Phoenix Bird in the field to the right of the pads as you look from the LCO Table. Let me know how to get it to you if its yours...........


Rex R 10-03-2017 07:22 AM

good to hear that you found it, what shape was it in?

Glasspack 10-03-2017 08:06 AM

Thank you Rex
Originally Posted by Rex R
good to hear that you found it, what shape was it in?

Very good shape.............. The Chute release tether was all twisted with the shroud lines so the chute couldn't open. No damage as it was buried in the 7 foot grass. One fillet appears a little loose, but it may just be the clear coat.
It flew 2341 feet according to the Altimeter One
I will put some pictures on the forum but don't know how. Looks like they have to be posted elsewhere and linked to the post. To bad we didn't find it in time to bring it to the LCO I think He would have gotten his Cert !


Rex R 10-03-2017 12:37 PM

for most forum questions this thread has answers;
for photos see post #11, in general limiting the size to 1024 x 768 or 1200 x 800 will work.
there is a reason why I don't like to fly smaller birds at the Bong after April...:)

Glasspack 10-03-2017 06:05 PM

Rex that doesnt help.......thats for "
" Not this forum that we are talking on

Ltvscout 10-03-2017 07:40 PM

Originally Posted by Glasspack
Rex that doesnt help.......thats for "
" Not this forum that we are talking on

Glasspack 10-03-2017 11:28 PM

Thank you

aeppel_cpm 10-04-2017 09:18 AM

As the referenced thread notes, you can attach pictures to a post with the 'manage attachments' tool below the test editor. But the image size is limited to well below what smartphones now produce.

I mostly post from my phone - and my favorite resizing tool (PS Touch) is obsolete. Also, pics coming in from an iPhone often end up displaying sideways for reasons I'm sure someone (but not I) know.

You can see that a lot of people (including me) used Photobucket to host pics, and used the {IMG} BBCode to insert them. Photobucket was easy to upload to - and made getting the BBCode to paste into the text editor trivial. BUT, they changed their terms recently, and now you see dead picture links scattered throughout YORF, like alewives on Lake Michigan beaches in March.

So now what to do? Flikr hosts ok - but the iOS app doesn't support the IMG code link. Furthermore, the URL link is a shortcode that doesn't display properly on YORF.

But, there is a way to use it that isn't -too- cumbersome to do from the phone. This little web tool: Flickr BBCode will take the short code URL and return the static link - with some sizing options. You can copy and paste that into the editor here.

I'll switch to the phone and demonstrate:

This is from one of my flights at Bong 9/24. Estes kit, Skylab nosecone by Sandman.
The URL is - which doesn't display. But staticflickr link does. I manually edited out the URL wrapper for the example above. The rackonly provided link has a URL wrapper that directs to the Flickr album.

Glasspack 10-05-2017 09:55 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Thank you all for your inputs and advice..........

Wanted to let everyone know I have found out who owns the Phoenix Bird we found at Bong.
Trying to get it to him this Saturday.


crossfire 10-08-2017 10:19 AM

Glad you found it. You should still get your cert. As long as it was found and you have pictures you should get cert. I don't think there is a time limit if rocket is found later and is in good shape.
Get a hold of Mark and see what he says.

fly safe and have fun

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