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astronot 09-24-2013 08:57 PM

U.S. Rockets Hardware with Aerotech case?
Hello everyone,

I have some Aerotech 29 60-120 reloadable motor systems, and I was wondering if anyone has used any of the U.S. Rocket reloads with this hardware.

Would I need to buy the forward and aft closures to use the U.S. Rockets reloads with the Aerotech case? If so will they mate up with the Aerotech case threads?

Thanks for any help and/or suggestions.

astronot 09-25-2013 08:05 AM

I did a little more digging and googleing and discovered that the good fellas at U.S. Rockets were already thinking of customers like me. They have reloads for the "other guy's" aluminum casings that will work with my current hardware without having to buy new hardware to get it to work. Nice job guys! This makes me Happy, Happy, Happy. They are affectionately call the A-team reloads and are designated as 24mmA, 29A, 38A, 54A, 75A, and 98A. These kits are set up so I can reload my Aerotech Hardware with their product. So... I answered my own question and hopefully helped someone else with this vital info. I had a hard time finding the right reloads on their website. In fact, Google help me find the right page on their website. U.S. Rockets might need to look into making these reloads easier to find on their website. No offense to the guys at U.S. Rockets, but I'm not a fan of how their website navigates. Sometimes you get boxed in on their site and you have to back out quite a bit before you can find another route to take you where you want to go. The direct link to the webpage so you won't have to hunt for it the way I did is right here:
Hit that page and scroll down a little bit and you will find the A-team "compatible reload kits" for your Aerotech or other Rocket motor hardware.

chadrog 09-25-2013 08:37 AM

Are they certified?

Jerry Irvine 09-25-2013 10:03 AM

You can use USR closures with AT cases to burn your USR loads. You can use USR propellant grains with AT cases and closures and delays to burn your USR propellant. Don't do it at a NAR launch. IF the product is ever NAR recertified, the navigation will be made far simpler. It was made difficult to funnel you through the non-NAR-certified warnings.

The loads are currently only available at a limited number of amateur launch sites for on-site discharge. Therefore they are probably not fodder for this site or TRF.

chadrog 09-25-2013 10:22 AM

I see. I'm very intrigued, don't suppose you come to the Midwest much...

Jerry Irvine 09-25-2013 10:46 AM

It would be trivial to set up a long term storage and discharge point at a launch site. Site managers are welcome to contact USR.

Ironically it is vastly easier to get permission to discharge USR motors nationally, than any NAR approved model rocket motors in California.
PDF file from the Southern California Rocket Association website. Fred Shecter and Martin Bowitz run that group. I guess I was a founding member.

Originally Posted by SCRA document
Our club (SCRA) is the local section of the non-profit National Association of Rocketry (NAR). We contacted officials concerning this situation. We were assured that our club has never been the source of this type of problem and they were willing to hear suggestions on how to prevent violations while allowing Model Rocket launching to be permitted. They reasoned that the only way to maximize public safety was to only allow fully supervised launches with each model & motor/engine “safety inspected”.
Thanks SCRA for guiding their thinking on this to allow ONLY supervised launches, with written permission of the AHJ and the landowner, in the state that used to account for over 40% of national MR consumption rates. The rule they replaced was verbal permission of the AHJ (local FD) and the landowner. Teachers and small groups could readily cope with that. And contemperaneous consumers!

No more. :(

No other state has such a restriction. The bodies are not piling up like logs.

Then there is the new igniter rule which is a "made up" regulation, not a law.

Pyrotechnic igniters included with NA-0323 products are ATF exempt even under the "badly written" regulations which eliminated all Class C exemptions. There has been almost no blast back on that by the "industry". After ATF admitted the reg changes (eliminating the Class C (UN 1.4) and propellant exemptions) were badly written and do not comport with its mission statement, they simply did not fix it! It's intentional.

Once NAR and TRA won the ATF lawsuit on 16 March 2009, they both lost interest in using the rulings they won to actually get further relief from ATF and other regulators!!

Federal Court Order
PDF file from the U.S. Rockets website. I was a founder.

Originally Posted by Federal Court ORDER

"ATFE’s own burn rate threshold for deflagration
is 1000 millimeters (or one meter) per second."
Tripoli Rocketry Ass’n, 437 F.3d at 81-82

"ORDERED that the defendant's [BATFE] decision to
classify APCP as an explosive under
18 U.S.C. § 841(d) is VACATED."
Tech Jerry

astronot 09-25-2013 04:25 PM

Bummer! I'm no longer Happy, Happy, Happy. Any hope for the future of USR reloads going mainstream? They need to be available to end users directly. Not just at launch site locations.

Doug Sams 09-25-2013 05:01 PM

Originally Posted by astronot
Bummer! I'm no longer Happy, Happy, Happy. Any hope for the future of USR reloads going mainstream?
Based on past history, no.

I will say, the first time I came across that website 13 or 14 years ago, I was impressed. Alas, I'm not aware any of the motors are available for use at sanctioned launches.

Oh, and caveat emptor!



Jerry Irvine 09-26-2013 07:58 AM

Originally Posted by astronot
Bummer! I'm no longer Happy, Happy, Happy. Any hope for the future of USR reloads going mainstream? They need to be available to end users directly. Not just at launch site locations.
NAR/TRA certified HPR products are available to up to 5000 people worldwide. NAR/TRA certified MR products are available to up to 2 million people worldwide. Do the math.

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