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CPMcGraw 04-05-2009 01:06 AM

Screenshots 04-05-2009
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OK, now I can start showing a bit of the layout for the models. Please keep in mind, this is the early rendition, and the final version may change slightly, but I really don't anticipate much changing from this.

For once, the layouts are following my instructions about where things get placed. ;)

Now, I do have one caveat -- Google Chrome, release version, does NOT display things correctly due to a bug in their webkit routines. This is a known issue, which the next major release should correct. So, the Chrome screenshot from now on will be the BETA version (not the bleeding edge developer's version). In the current release, html elements do not correctly calculate their height and offsetHeight properties. I use these properties for keeping the div elements aligned regardless of the browser they're being displayed on.

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