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CPMcGraw 02-21-2009 03:52 PM

I just found the error that was keeping FF from displaying my logo. It is VERY persnickety in the way pathnames are spelled out, including the direction of slashes. I had a slash reversed in the image's path string. All four of the others either didn't catch it, or didn't care about the direction. FF refused to accept it as-written, and required me to make the correction. It now shows the image.

Should I like FF for being this critical with path names, or hate the others for NOT being so snippy?

Royatl 02-21-2009 04:51 PM

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
When I need to register a download with MS, they require the use of IE. Chrome won't work with Windows Update, for example...

Is Chrome releasing a new version? I'll have to go check that out...

You can force an update to the latest released version by going to the about box.

Mine is .

There are 2.0 versions, if you're in the developer preview program:
but really, I wouldn't recommend it.

First, declare your DOCTYPE at beginning of your page. Then, you should always submit your markup to the html and css validators at .

Once they pass those tests, then you can start determining what browser differences are. Otherwise, what looks like a browser bug might be the browser honestly choking on something that shouldn't be.

LeeR 02-21-2009 07:39 PM

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
That's my mail client now, and has been since I loaded Vista. I like it, and have no issues with it. It won't import my old Outlook folders, but then, neither will Outlook Express...

Anyone know of a good import tool that doesn't require Outlook to be running, and which doesn't cost anything? Nothing feature-handicapped or -restricted, either.

I could never get Outlook Express to run on my Windows XP machine. Well, it loaded and "ran", it just would not work with my Gmail account. I then heard about Thunderbird, and it has been flawless. I also use it to bring in my other web email. I've been a big fan of Firefox for years, but for the past 4-5 months have been using Chrome as my primary browser, since it so easy to set up auto-opening tabs. I load all the forums, plus photobucket, and I'm ready for checking out all things rocketry-forum-related. I still use Firefox, mostly to pop open a browser for most business things, such as bank account logons, PayPal, etc. My only reason to keep IE is as a backup, in case some webpage will not load well into the other browsers. That is getting fairly rare these days. Prior to Chrome, I was using Flock, since it supported multi-tabs pretty well, but it is a little odd looking -- cluttered. I like Chrome the best for its simple layout.

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