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craviola990 09-13-2019 08:10 PM

Estes Interceptor - Parachute & Shock Cord Question
Hi Folks -

My name is Christian; joined the forum some years ago, but now finally getting back into rocketry with much enthusiasm. I started in 1971 (Age 10) with Vashon Cold Power, by '73 into solid fuel, and launched throughout the '70s.

Dabbled again in the mid '90s, and now back in full force.

Like so many "Kids my age", I went nuts over the Interceptor, and have a new one almost ready to fly. I see more and more, folks hooking up their parachute swivels a few inches down the shock cord, as opposed to the nose cone...would I be smart to do this on the Interceptor?

Jeff Smith also installed an extra long, kevlar cord, BTW

Is there a special, particular way to form this loop knot in the shock cord, to accept a snap swivel?

Please pardon my gross's been awhile! I assume this mounting helps keep nose cones from tanglng/fighting the shroud lines upon ejection/decent?

I notice no one talks about putting talcum powder on chutes anymore chute materials, just not needed?


Earl 09-13-2019 10:13 PM

I always use a length of shock between the chute and nose cone roughly the same length (or a tad bit longer) of the nose cone. And yes, in my experience it helps keep the nose cone from entangling itself in the chute shroud lines.

As for the knots to attach a snap swivel (and yes, I use those too), I just do a double overhand knot and a little dab of glue to keep the knot from unraveling.

And chute powder...I still use it, if it is a brand new chute or it hasnít had any chute powder applied in some time. Generally, the powder residue sticks and provides Ďprotectioní for a number of flights. But, if you are needing some extra spotting dust for high alt flights, then maybe another decent dose. But yes, basically, I still use it on chutes.

Good luck...and welcome back!! :)


hcmbanjo 09-13-2019 10:24 PM

Hi Christian,
Welcome back!
I agree with Earl, tying the chute away from the nose cone can prevent most tangles.
Here's a few blog posts on Kevlar to shock cord ties:


A simple overhand knot to attach the chute is shown in the second picture:

astronwolf 09-14-2019 08:40 AM

Originally Posted by craviola990
I notice no one talks about putting talcum powder on chutes anymore chute materials, just not needed?

I still use talcum powder on polyethylene parachutes. You have to, IMHO. Many people don't, and wonder why their rocket comes down under a "para-wad."

Earlier this year it seemed that talcum powder (real talcum powder, not corn starch) was quietly being phased out due to a consumer scare. I stocked up, though I now no longer believe that talcum powder was being phased out of consumer products.

craviola990 09-14-2019 05:50 PM

Guys, thanks so much for the replies, really appreciate the help!

I'm replacing the Estes chute with this nylon one from Apogee...any talc needed for a chute like this?


Earl 09-14-2019 08:23 PM

No, not needed on nylon chutes.


mojo1986 09-15-2019 06:39 AM

Great looking 'chute BTW.

ghrocketman 09-15-2019 11:13 AM

You can use Carpenter's Marking Powdered chalk on chutes too.
Placing a bit directly on the top of chute before installing the nose cone results in a colored "smoke" puff at ejection which can aid recovery on high altitude flights.

Scott_650 09-15-2019 01:51 PM

Originally Posted by Earl
No, not needed on nylon chutes.


Since I have a BIG shaker bottle of talc based baby powder leftover from many years ago I still powder my nylon chutes - it just isnít a rocket prep session without that new baby smell!

craviola990 09-16-2019 05:16 PM

Thanks guys for all this valuable info. Been poking around the forum a bit more, a real wealth of information here.

Thanks again!


PaulK 09-29-2019 09:58 AM

Welcome back Christian - post pics of your finished Interceptor - certainly my favorite Estes sci-fi design. It used to be a tough kit to clone, sure is nice that it's been re-released (again). Hopefully Estes will re-release the "E" version for 29mm BP motors.

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