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scigs30 11-05-2023 03:14 PM

Vintage Balsa Sealer
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Here are some of the old balsa sealers I have, the only one I thing is missing is the Centuri Fillercote.

Bill 11-05-2023 11:10 PM

Amazing none have dried out by now...


ghrocketman 11-06-2023 08:30 AM

I have pint and quart cans of Aero Gloss from the 60's that are older than I am that are full, and totally good for use. The cans of Sanding Sealer and Balsa Fillercoat I use most are from the late 70's/early 80's.

scigs30 11-06-2023 08:32 AM

I found over the years old Pactra dope did not ply well with the newer Midwest Pactra Dope. The formula has changed several times over the years.

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