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Flash 11-20-2020 06:27 PM

Upscale of Estes 1380 AIM 54 Phoenix
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I added the Estes BT 80 rocsim file, remeasured the kits fins and corrected the online version with this one.

This is a 3" upscale of the Estes kit using BMS thin walled 3" tubing. I did round of a little on the fin measurements on this upscale for ease of cutting, but they are very close to the Estes original. A coarse this is a semi scale at best. You can compare them to the Estes file I corrected and added to this post.

The nose cone for the 3" upscale would be closer to the Estes & original rocket if you use the Estes 3" x 9" long nose cone. I went with the BMS 3" x 11" cone, looks better, a little more stable in flight and this is a semi scale at best.

I also changed the motor tube location and added two more center rings for strength with plastic 29mm motor retainer. Don't like the base to get dented up on landings.

I'm going to try balsa forward fins on mine to keep weight down. This is a small local field flying model.

Don't forget to add nose weight for the different motors you will be using.

Hope this proves to be of some fun and help to some of my fellow rocketeers.

ghrocketman 11-20-2020 06:44 PM

Upscale ??
3" is barely a slight enlargement. I don't see the point.
Before opening the thread I thought it was going to be at LEAST 4" if not larger.

Flash 11-20-2020 08:48 PM

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If the Estes 1380 was still being made then you would have a point, but it isnít, looks like it goes for around $150 on eBay now days.

That is where this size has a place, because it can be built for around $25.00 not counting custom decals.

I agree, if you where flying HP rockets then 4 to 5.5Ē would be a great size..

As I mentioned, this was for local fields, on Estes 29mm E16-4 or F power or low power aerotech engines.

I use to fly HP rockets, but my closes field for that was about four hours away and was seasonal at that. Around 2005 or so, I sold out of all my HP stuff due in part to all the trouble HP rocketry was going through.

So I returned to my roots, Low to mid power on local fields 2 miles away. I love taking the lead about 4 times a year with a local elementary school and launch with them, about 130 per day, about 1 out of very 5 students and near 100 teachers.

I also enjoy drones, own phantom 3 & 4 and Inspire 1.

Letís enjoy the hobby and keep them flying what ever size they are:)

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