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ghrocketman 02-03-2021 09:10 AM

Wow !
That pyro site has a LOT of info.
One would think a company that uses as much BP as Estes could specify how the composition is to be made.
I know in my industry (automotive) we specify what we want and the supplier better do it or someone else who will gets the contract. Either that or maybe they should blend their own BP to ensure the isp is "up to spec" instead of just accepting "whatever GOEX give them".
I would think Estes would be one of their largest customers and losing the contract would be a big loss of revenue.

PaulK 02-06-2021 08:33 AM

So, back on topic, Virtual NARCON was a hit as far as I'm concerned. The Estes tour by Bill was a great way to end it, and the last question he answered was a great way to end the Q&A. How many of us eventually get our dream job?

I found it interesting that he still hasn't explored the whole place, stuff keeps turning up. Including a bunch of film, hopefully including the film shown for tours (that I no doubt saw in the early 70s).

BEC 02-06-2021 12:16 PM

Agreed. That there are rooms full of stuff that hasn't been looked at in years gives hope for all sorts of interesting finds. It makes me want to go on a road trip and volunteer to do a little cleaning of the metaphorical closets.... :D

Initiator001 02-06-2021 09:02 PM

Originally Posted by turbofireball
I have two observations. It seemed that Randy Boadway/eRockets was slated to present stuff. What happened? Hope everything is ok.


Randy is fine.

He posted on the NAR Facebook page that he was having internet problems and couldn't take part in the Manufacturers' Forum.

On that same Facebook post he has a video he was hoping to present about the new building he has moved eRockets/Semroc into. New product for Semroc is the Scissor-Wing Transport.

ghrocketman 02-06-2021 11:22 PM

Wonder what is going on with the Semroc upscaled Orbital Transport ?

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