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dbrent 12-04-2022 07:27 AM

Estes Aries SST (#1927) - Need reference dimensions
If anyone out there has an Estes Aries SST kit, I would be greatful if you could provide reference dimensions for the balsa fin sheet, the paper nacelle sheet and the decals. JimZ has the tiff scans but no dimensional references.

Bob Austin 12-04-2022 01:42 PM

Don't have the kit but I did do some digging into the graphics. Hopefully this will get you a bit closer.

Looking at the parts list on the JimZ site it shows the balsa sheet is 3 x 12 x 3/32. According to my graphics program the pattern was scanned at 300 dpi, which shows a size of 3.59 x 12.59 inches. My guess is if you make the rectangular outline at 3 x 12 it will be correct (the .59 being the extra white space outside the rectangle all the way around.

The pattern sheet is listed as being 2.7" x 8.5" cardstock. It too was scanned at 300 dpi resulting in a size of 3 x 8 - not as close as the fin pattern.

Hope that helps - at least a little bit.

dbrent 12-04-2022 09:18 PM

I was able to use a pic from SCIGS30's Aries SST build from several years ago. He had the parts laid out on a mat with 1" grid lines. So that helped a lot!

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