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jeffyjeep 09-26-2020 09:06 AM

Estes 1/100 scale LJII question.
I managed to snag (2) Estes LJII kits (#0892.) The main BT's on both kits are pretty screwed up. Can someone help me with what to order to replace them? I can cut them neatly if they're too long. I'm more concerned about the OD and ID.

If the old Semroc site was working it would be a cinch!


the mole 09-26-2020 10:26 AM

0892 Little Joe II BT-58 5.375" 030304 BT-5BJ 2.00"
I got this out of this place

jeffyjeep 09-26-2020 10:47 AM

Excellent! That tells me what I need to know. Thanks

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