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Mad City Flyers 02-10-2018 03:35 PM

Mad City Flyers - 2018 Winter Builds
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Hey All!!

Haven't posted much this winter, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy!!!

Each winter Nate and I have tried to expand our rocket modeling skill set with new techniques.

This winter we tackled glassing phenolic airframes to build stronger rockets without the full weight and cost of full G10 fiberglass.

After creating a few fairly ugly small tubes we figured it out. We checked out the YouTube videos by John Coker and tfish38, which are both great, but use slightly different methods.

We used 4oz fiberglass cloth, SystemThree Clear Coat Laminating epoxy, and 0.005 Grafix Clear Dura-Film for the outer wrap. It turned out that having a fairly thick outer mylar film to wrap the fiberglass coated tube was key to getting nice and smooth tubes with few imperfections.

So what have we built?

Well our beloved Binder Design 4" diameter Stealth bit the dust in the fall after we overpacked the payload section. Instead of a nice main chute deployment the charge blasted sideways out the payload wall and she landed with a thump.

Because we love the look of the Binder Design Stealth and it was our L2 cert rocket, we salvaged what we could (nose cone, AV bay, laundry) and decided to make a scratch built version with some modifications.

Our salvaged Stealth will be re-launched (pun intended) this spring as the "SUPER STEALTH"!!!

  • 4" phenolic tube glassed with two layers of 4oz fiberglass
  • 1/4" birch plywood fins
  • 54mm Motor Mount
  • Foamed fin can
  • Aluminum thrust plate with flange type retainer
  • 1515 Rail Buttons
  • Custom stickers from StickerShock
  • AV bay for dual deploy

The new SUPER STEALTH is 7' 9" and weighs in fully loaded around 10lbs. Should be awesome on J, K and even L motors.

After figuring out tube glassing we decided to beef up a 4" YANK IRIS. Same idea: glass the phenolic tubes, add AV Bay for dual deploy, aluminum thrust plate with flange type retainer, replaced plastic nose cone with a fiberglass nose cone containing an AV bay for a tracker. This kit bash is a little shorter at 6' 10.5" and little lighter at around 9lbs fully loaded.

Today was finish sanding before primer paint on both rockets so it's just waiting for warm weather now!!

We are shifting now to our WI-ROC, which we will have to modify in some way......

Hoping for an early and not too wet spring!!!

Cheers all!

Matt and Nate

Mad City Flyers 05-26-2018 06:35 PM

Finished but not Yet Flown
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We finished our scratch Super Stealth and kit bashed Yank Iris.

Unfortunately, low clouds at the Bong kept us grounded last weekend. Patience.....


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