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Old 05-24-2017, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by njrick
that is crazy....had they decided that she did in fact need surgery they would have had to re-break the elbow. I am hoping that she is progressing with the PT and the hinged brace. Is she having pain? loss of strength? And congrats to Kiera!! and from one dad to the other, enjoy the times with her..I am walking my daughter down the isle next Saturday June 3....still seems surreal.

Yeah, that's what I thought... "fart around for a month by which time it's more or less 'healed' by the time they figure out if they need to do something different, and then tear it all up AGAIN to "fix it right"... makes perfect sense to me (NOT!)" Betty asked me if I thought she should wait to do the surgery until after school was out (before she found out they didn't think she'd need surgery after all) and I told her HECK NO I wouldn't do that-- by the time she got the surgery done she'd be just about healed up and then they'd have to go in there and mess it all up so it'd be like starting all over again at square one! If it needs done, get it done and over with!

Anyway, that was my opinion on the subject. As it turned out, was surprising as heck to me, but they said, "nah, don't need surgery, just PT and a brace". She's doing pretty well so far, getting her range of motion back-- strength comes later I think.

Yep Keira is growing up on me too fast. She's already taller than her male Kickstart Kids instructor and her male softball private lesson coach!

Congrats on the wedding... yeah I bet that DOES make one's head spin!

Later! OL J R
The X-87B Cruise Basselope-- THE Ultimate Weapon in the arsenal of Homeland Security and only $52 million per round!
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