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Old 02-09-2018, 11:35 PM
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Default Lego Heavy

And now for something totally diffferent:

Years ago my kids gave me the Lego Space Satellite Launcher. Soemhow, it did not meet the fate of almost all other Lego kits: taken apart and the pieces thrown in to the Lego bin for imagineering other creations. I was looking at it and I thought,"This Rocket needs an upgrade!" I found a number of on-line vendors who sell individual Legos. If you kept your instructions, they have the Lego part numbers on the back page. It took me longer that I care to admit, but I figured out what I needed and ordered the parts, 20 in all.

So the pictures didn't upoad in the right order but the second picture shows what I started with, the completed rocket with two side boosters. The black top cone is going to be replaced with white and the black cone will become a booster nozzle.

The first picture show initial deconstruction: the second stage and the black cone are removed as is the center axle that strengthens the whole thing.

Picture three shows the construction at the bottom moving one grey brick and adding another to form the basic attachment for the two new boosters.

Picture four shows construction at the top of the core. Here, the black 2x6 piece you see to the left of the rocket was removed and replaced by two grey pieces to form the upper attach point for the new boosters

Picture five shows the work done, waiting to reinstall the central axle element and add the second stage and payload fairing with it's new white top.

Last picture shows it all done. It has kind of an Angara look to it, but that could be my pre-disposition for Russian rockets. Now, I have to re-do the launch pad to accomodate the new boosters.

Silly. I know. But rocket-related nonetheless.
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