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Old 12-24-2018, 06:31 PM
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Default Christmas Past

About 9:30 am Christmas morning, 1996 we had finished opening presents and eating breakfast so I sat down at a new 1.5 gigabyte pc with a 28K modem and opened the browser for the first time since I set it all up the day before.

A few moments later I typed in model rockets and found so many listings I was shocked. I found the Ninfinger FAQ, whatever that was, and on the main page a little blue thing marked rmr. I clicked it and after a few more minutes I was on something called Usenet. The people on there seemed pretty sharp. Some were were funny, some were knowledgeable, many were older than me (40) and some seemed mean. But within a few days I made my first post and eventually went on to meet a lot them in person one way or another.

Around 10 am I clicked another link that took me to a place called ROL so I set up an account and logged in. Almost instantly my email dinged and it was some guy named Darryl. He wanted me to beta test a couple of things he was working on at ROL so for about an hour I clicked on various blue link thingies and exchanged funny rocket stories with him.

As time passed, he exchanged a few emails with Verna and they became friends. I think she may have been the first one he invited to join RP. Even though he knew she was only flying midpower, he introduced her to another guy she made friends with named Eric Gates. They were frequently talking to her about their HPR projects and marveling at her midpower birds. I think it may have been mostly because she was a rare lady flyer with a sweet personality who loved clusters but they treated her like one of the guys and she loved it and them.

Each year on Christmas morning we always spend a few moments remembering those who are no longer with us, like Darryl and Eric. Sadly, this year we have to add Jonathon to the list.

They may all be gone but they're certainly not forgotten.

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Old 12-24-2018, 09:23 PM
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Fine story. I would add Carl from Semroc to the list too.
Sad to see people pass on to the big flying field in the sky.
Amazed that some of the pioneers are still with us ( Vern & Gleda Estes, Lee & Betty Piester).
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