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Originally Posted by LeeR
There has been lots of discussions about the F100s, but I've never heard of an F110.

In the late 70s I was visiting California regularly, and saw lots of FSI motors, including F100s, in a hobby shop in Mountain View. I wanted to buy a bunch but reality set in -- I could not fly home with them. 🤔

I do have a number of the much cherished Estes B14 motors, both booster and upper stage. I need to contact NAR to get the paperwork to fly them at a club launch this year.

I think all you need to do is notify (in writing, via e-mail should be fine) whoever is in charge of the NAR OOP Motor Testing Program and you should be able to fly those B14's. I did that a few years ago (used some of my Centuri labelled B14's) and they worked fine, had that nice, classic kick off the pad on ignition.
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