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Default Interesting flight from Saturday

WSR had a launch scheduled for Saturday, but on Friday night I couldn't psych myself up for all the necessary driving to get there. When Saturday rolled around and it was just beautiful, my psyche repaired itself. I did glue launch lugs on several potential candidates for a first flight in between cutting the grass on Friday, one of them being the Estes Rigel 3 clone that I've been working on for five or so years. I loaded it with a C6-0/C6-7 combo and took it along on Saturday. I think it was my third flight on the day. (The first was one of my BT-55 Satellite Interceptors on an E9-6. Maybe a hole in that chute would have been a good idea.) The Rigel 3 was one of the flights I tried to film using my phone and the slo-mo function, so I have a pretty decent launch video and audio of the staging occurrence. Not real sure how to go about editing it, but the flight was quite impressive, and my first two-stage flight in several years. The booster broke a fin when it cartwheeled in, but it's an easy fix. The sustainer looked like it got around 700-800', then started following the same recovery path as the SI had. It was high and appeared to be heading for the trees across the road, but at the last moment the breeze backed off and dropped it just at the edge of the field. Now that it's flown, I think it gets greenlighted for paint and decals, so the next launch will look less ghostly.
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