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Default Fairey Delta 2 kits!

Hello All,

Roger Simmonds offers a cardstock Fairey Delta 2 scale kit (see: [here's the Jetex "Tailored" kit version , whose plans are downloadable from there]). Although the cardstock Fairey Delta 2 kit (Roger's kit is a "cleaned-up" version of a 1950s or early 1960s kit) was developed for Jetex power, it (and the Jetex "Tailored" Fairey Delta 2 model) could also be flown as a boost-glider (either parasite or rear motor [with a fin-equipped, rear-ejection pod]). Also:

The price is 5 pounds, plus 5 pounds for postage (10 pounds total--multiple kits do *not* cost more to send until several are sent at once--Roger has the details on the kit quantities/postage). The easiest way to pay is via PayPal, and his e-mail address above is also his PayPal address. He has also written other Jetex and Rapier model articles (see: ), which he offers on CD-ROM. Also, the Jet-Ex-Press discussion forum (see: ) is the "YORF of Jetex and Rapier modeling." A large archive of Jetex and Rapier model information is on (see: ).

I hope this information will be helpful.
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