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Originally Posted by Rex R
I would guess that most clubs would have one or more 1/4" rods availible...though it wouldn't hurt to contact them ahead of time.
glanced at the instructions. altough there is a line saying to use positive motor retenion...there is no mention of a motor retainer. I would gues that like the MC kits I've built, it is up to the builder to supply their own.

My suggestion is go to Lowes and get a 4ft 1/4 rod of your own and take it with you, just to be sure. Just don't forget to go out to the range and get it when you leave!
Then, you'll have one when you want to launch it or any other mid-power rocket you may want to own.
1/4 inch rod is a good bit cheaper than a rail and the the buttons.

Have fun!

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