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I have been busy at work but had sometime to work on my SWT and get it ready for the paint shop tomorrow. The longest part of the build is cleaning up the die crunched balsa and matching up the correct parts and measurements. I don't want to complain about die crushed parts since that is what most of us grew up with and built rockets just fine. I did not take pictures of the build since I just built per the plans with no modifications. Also I am a simple builder, if you like to see cool tricks and other modifications head on over to Chris's rocket blog, great builder. Once again I just used white glue and used all the parts in the kit including the old self adhesive paper, still had a lot of adhesive for a good bond. I wanted to keep the weight down but still ended up with 4 coats of Brodak sealer, I was careful to weigh the balsa between coats and I did gain 5 grams of weight. As shown she glides great, with the glider coming in at 39 grams all sealed and ready for paint. The package has the glider listed at 51 grams so I think I am doing well. I will not spray any primer, just the top coat of old Krylon paint. With the pod added the weight is 57 grams and package has the weight at 71 grams. I will say this is a builders kit and at the end of the day she looks pretty sweet unpainted. I was trying to use the face card and catalog pictures for reference and soon noticed some differences from the kit. First the center mechanism is not shown in the pictures, looks like they just glued the wing to the body tube and took pictures. Also the center plywood disk that is glued into the wing is thinner than the balsa used for the wing. I just left it as is because the bottom portion of the plywood has to be flushed with the bottom of the wing for everything to work. If I am not happy with the recessed look when she is all painted I may just paint the recessed part black as shown on the face card. When Estes came out with the newer Swing Wing, the face card does show this older version and not the new version with plastic parts. I still have another round of glue fillets and hopefully get her painted tomorrow.
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