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Default Orion Starliner RC RG

Something I've been working on. I used the general wing planform from the 2001 orion III shuttle design, but then added a appropriately shaped vertical fin(which doesn't exist on the 2001 shuttle) and used estes PS-II 2" tubing and the standard estes PSII 9.5" cone. I angle cut the rear to give the look I wanted and also to push the motor mount forward. I did not use centering rings but used a notch cut in the vertical fin tab to hold the motor mount. The vertical fin tab also locks through a notch in the wing. I played with wing location and CG to optimize the wing location and wound up with a 9.75 oz rtf model with no nose weight needed. I painted it in a shuttle like black bottom and leading/trailing edge pattern using testors flat black, then did some line markings with a sharpie and added accents on the vertical fin and wing using trim vinyl. Test flights showed a very nice boost to around 700' and a really nice glide with easy flare on landing using an E-6.

Wingspan is 25" and length is 36.5" 2" diameter.

I decided to go with TWA markings since I already have a Pan-Am marked model and "Trans World" seemed more appropriate for a space plane....

Boosts to 600-700'

Flight video here:

Some flights the day before which had 10mph with 20mph gusts.....
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