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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
So far, I've seen at least three design packages used to generate models on these threads:
  • RockSim
  • OpenRocket
  • Wings3D

Other software used for artwork and rendering include:
  • The GIMP
  • Photoshop/Photoshop Elements
  • Draw

Recently I started trying out another package called BRL-CAD, which uses 3D Solids (primatives) to create compound shapes from basic shapes. Has anyone else tried this program out yet? According to their website, they have been accepted as a mentoring organization in the "European Space Agency's Summer Of Code In Space" project. For students throughout Europe, a prize of 4000 Euros is available for the development of space-related Open-Source software.


It looks interesting as a way to create some new designs here.

I've been looking at the website and it does sound interesting, but it may take a few days to get past the hype and down to the nuts and bolts.
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