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I've dealt with and been quite pleased with:

Semroc-- AMAZING service and great products. They took extra time to show every suitable kit they had to my nephews at NSL 2007 in Muncie when the boys were looking for a suitable kit for their 4H rocketry project. I REALLY appreciated them taking the time and effort to do that, especially with two indecisive teenagers and their uncle, for what was only going to be the purchase of a couple or three kits at most... not like it was a MAJOR sale or anything or a big moneymaker for them... but they REALLY took the time and effort to help. My online purchases from them have all been just great experiences and amazing levels of service!

Dr. Zooch-- Wes has been terrific to deal with-- great quality, fair prices, and top-notch customer support. If you screw up a part during the build, even if it's "your" fault, he will send you the replacement part for free. He always does anything he can to help you get your kit flying, and even giving suggestions to those wanting to 'modify' the kit beyond what it was intended, as best he can. He's also very good on shipping-- I ordered some kits shortly before leaving for an extended trip to Indiana visiting the MIL, and had the shipping address listed to send them there. Wes contacted me to verify where he was shipping the kits, so they "wouldn't be sitting on the doorstep getting rained on for a couple weeks before I got home" as he put it. Once I verified the shipping address was correct (compared to my 'regular' address) I got the kits in a couple days in Indiana... I appreciated him taking the time to verify that *I* didn't goof up the order and put the wrong address in the wrong order box!

Apogee Components-- EXCELLENT customer service and I for one REALLY appreciate the efforts Tim expends to provide a newsletter with helpful hints, tips, and information, and to provide resources and knowledge to teachers and regular rocketeers alike to help them understand and learn more about the hows and whys of rocketry, and provides that service largely 'for free' as a service for the betterment of the hobby. Tim and his staff were VERY pleasant and friendly whenever I've ordered from them, and when I visited their plant in Colorado Springs; Tim himself took the time to welcome me and chat for a few minutes when he really didn't have to. His products are excellent, and though I've had a few 'issues' with Rocksim, it's been well worth the price, and Tim has made a good faith effort to address any problems I've had and make it right. The only thing that I found less than helpful was a comment he made about "shoulda bought a MAC" when I was having trouble running Rocksim on my Dell with Vista.

ESTES--I've gotten good service in the past, but it's rather hit or miss now. I had an Eliminator break the rubber band shock cord on the first flight and accordion the rocket, ruining it, and wrote Estes and to my surprise got a new Eliminator in the mail a few weeks later, but this has been nearly 20 years ago. More recently (last year) I flew and pranged my Mercury Redstone on it's maiden voyage because I used a C6-5 AS SUGGESTED on the package hangcard, which recommended a B6-4, C6-3, or C6-5 engine, and later found out from other 'old hand' rocketeers that you should NEVER fly a MR kit on anything but the C6-3. I wrote Estes about that and suggested they revise their hangtag to reflect the engine limitations of the rocket, and told them about mine crashing, and never heard anything.

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