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Just wanted to say "thank you" to those of you who have supported and defended us in this thread. As you know many small model rocket kit manufacturers are garage operations and we are no exception. Our driving motivation for producing this kit via a pre-sale format was to make something amazing available to hobbyists now instead of years from now. We have invested over $10k of our own hard earned money to purchase 3D printers that are up to the task of running 24/7 and producing quality parts. Even with this investment the printing process is so slow that we have only been able to keep up with out current offerings of product. We love scale model rockets and have designs for (literally) dozens of new kits to release but can't because we don't have the printing capability. Also, being responsible small business owners, we can only justify spending a maximum of 50% of our annual business revenue on additional printers each year. So, in order to fill a desire for a big Nike Hercules kit we decided to do a "kickstarter" type of promotion that would be a win/win. A win for our customers who were able to get a innovative kit that is ordinarily difficult to produce, at a decent price this year, and a win for us because we were able to increase our production capability faster than we could have otherwise. We're sorry that some folks have been burned in the past by other companies or individuals and are jaded by their experiences. We never doubted that our core customers would respond with excitement and trust because we have a reputation that has been earned with each and every one of them over the years. Regards, Alex and Sheree Boyce
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