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I have both NCs and made a comparison by running a pencil along the etching. I found out that there are several differences between the original NC (55EJ) and the other one I have, which I think it may be the 55B. The etching on the 55EJ (Green NC) is kinda shallow because of the heavy coat of paint the original owner put on. I like to point out the following differences:

- The four small rectangular etchings, behind the cockpit, on the top are smaller on the 55EJ than on the other NC;
- The frame etching of the cockpit on the 55EJ is wider than on the other NC;
- the square behind the cockpit is also smaller on the 55EJ;
- the circle is also a little smaller on the 55EJ; and
- you already pointed out the differences on the gun port.

Hopefully these pictures can give you a better sense of the differences between these two NCs.

If interested in the 55EJ (Green NC) let me know. I can part with it. PM me if interested.


- Raul
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