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I've had my Maxi V-2 in primer for at least 5 years because I couldn't decide at the time I finished building it. Then I hit a phase where I didn't feel like building or finishing. Fortunately, it still looks decent in grey primer.

I did my 2.6" Estes V-2 in camo on the balcony of my college dorm back in the early 80's. I actually flew it on a C5-3 a few times before one cato'd. It was repaired and has most recently been flown at several school demos with C11's and D12's.

When I do finally get back in the mood to paint, I'll have to decide on the Maxi. I will do it in the classic German ragged/splinter camo like the catalog. Or maybe a US roll pattern. Or maybe the early German test pattern (like the Smithsonian example). Or maybe.........ARRRRGGGGHHH!
I love sanding.
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