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Originally Posted by Newbomb Turk
Hi, Lee!

I believe I used Rustoleum #254155 Gloss Sunburst Yellow on my Farside. I use Rusto Farm & Implement Yellow for all of my Goblins.

I really like your Mega-Mosquito. Inspired artwork, too.

I’ve never seen Rustoleum Farm & Implement spray paint. I have used Van Sickle brand, lots of Kubota, Deere, and other great “implement” colors. Very rich colors, but go with light coats if you try it. I got runs the first time I tried it (in the paint!).

Thanks for the compliments. If you (or anyone) wants a mosquito decal, drop me a PM with your address. I think the sheet I have had 8 or 10 of them. Several lifetime supplies for me, for sure, even after giving a couple away.
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