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Default Poll: Whats Your Biggest Rocket Mishap

Heres mine:


The Photon Express was the prime jewel of my 25 rocket collection. Built from scratch, it had a 29mm mount that could take up to a G-40 engine that propelled 47 inches of silver balsa, cardboard, and glue. It had been with me for years. On this fateful day, i was launching on a simple f-26, nothing huge. I put the crown jewel on the pad. I FORGOT TO CHECK TO MAKE SURE BOTH LUGS WERE ON THE ROD. As a result, the rocket took off at an almost horizontal angle, and slammed into the hard, unforgiving ground, decimating the mighty bird. Since that horrific event, i always check the lug lineup so i dont lose another rocket like in the Tragedy of the Photon Express.
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