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Originally Posted by stefanj
...What Estes SHOULD do right now is introduce products and support programs which promote the hobby. Get people INTO the hobby, and KEEP them part of the hobby...

Agreed, strike while the iron is hot. With the popularity of STEM and the resurgence of interest in space thanks to SpaceX, Blue Origin and Orion/SLS, I am hopeful that the new owners and their involvement in TARC will bring about an educational renaissance at Estes.

As well, I would like to see the new Estes introduce small, easy to build scale and especially semi-scale models of contemporary rockets. We were fortunate to grow up with models of the Mercury, Gemini and Saturn rockets (as well as several missiles and sounding rockets) of that time. We have some terrific, high quality scale kits available on the market but they are usually too large, too complex or too expensive for the beginner/intermediate rocketeer. With the demise of Dr. Zooch, I think it is important for Estes to offer 18mm semi-scale kits of the Delta, Atlas, Vulcan, and SLS (and hopefully private rockets like the Falcons and New Shepard) to keep the upcoming generation excited and inspired about future programs.
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