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Originally Posted by stefanj
A 50th Anniversary Apollo Saturn V release is a no-brainer; what else could be released to celebrate the event? A LEM model with big clear fins?

Hey a LEM model with big clear fins is so 1970.

Estes has had mini-quadcopters. They could make a bigger Quad that looks like a Lunar Module, within size reason for a maybe (?) practical-to-sell R/C model (One thing to produce one, a different thing to make one that flies OK, isn't crazy expensive, and would sell enough to justify the production run).

I could, um, give some technical advice on the basics, though a mass produced model would be fabricated totally differently.....

Actually, I don't seriously think Estes would do that. I have daydreams that some R/C company will do it for 2019, but won't be surprised if nobody does.

But I am excited to see whatever the new Estes does.

And am comforted that Estes is in good hands. The first owners to know (and really care) about this hobby since Vern sold it to Damon around 1969-ish.
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