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Originally Posted by Initiator001
Do NOT use epoxy for AeroTech kits!

AeroTech kits are designed and assembled differently than traditional hobby rocket kits.

Just follow the instructions and use medium CA adhesive.

I have to politely disagree here: Aerotech kits are not that different than other high-quality mid-power kits. Other than the plastic fins and the pot-scrubber ejection baffle, they are, essentially, the same.

While YMMV, Epoxy is a longer-lasting and stronger adhesive than medium CA, especially if one uses the accelerator spray on the CA. If CA is your huckelberry, fine; just be very careful installing that engine mount and lining it up for the TTW fins to fit correctly! Depending on your humidity level and your skill, one shot to get it lined up is about all you may have! The weight penalty for using epoxy is minimal, BTW.

One will most likely be using a G motor in this particular rocket anyway. No way would I want to expose a CA-mounted engine mount to those pressures over and over. It's kinda silly and unnecessary, maybe a bit unsafe.

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