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Default Aerotech Astrobee D

I am just getting ready to start this kit and thought I'd ask for any and all advice. I have not built any Aerotech kits before so this is all new territory for me. I have not built a kit using the CA glue that the directions say to use. I do not want to mess this kit up since I shelled out over a 100 clams for it.

Looking at the directions it all seems straight forward enough but if anyone has built one of these and encountered any issues or little quirks I'd definitely like to hear about it. I've had the thing laid out on my table for a week now and all I've done is stare at it cos I'm scared I'm gonna screw it up. There are a couple of sheets in the instructions that I'm not real sure about. They are templates for placing the antennas or something and then the decal instructions... well, I need to go back over those again too because they are not real clear to me. Apparently there are two different decal schemes but I don't really know what's best to use.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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