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Building was fairly simple, except for turning the capsule . I used cardboard fins since they would be covered by the wraps. I used a Kivlar line for the shock cord, and mounted it to the BT-5 engine tube. I wanted to leave a clean ID in that cramped body tube and was a afraid a "fold and glue" shock cord mount would hang up on the streamer.

BTW I know the tip of the cone is longer than the scale dimension. I decided to leave some extra material to glue the tower wrap to. I glued the tower wrap to some 110# cardstock for reinforcment. The LES motor is wrapped around a 1/8" dowel that projects down the length of the LES and attaches to the capsule. Hopefully, this will beef up the tower for flying!

I used 3M spray adhesive for the body wrap, and thinned-down white glue for the other wraps. I did discover that the Delta 7 body wrap was longer than my tube (about 1/4"), so I trimmed some portions out, to try to fit. I had to leave the roll patter at the top and the pattern at the bottom so it would line up with the fins. Even after all the trimming, the bottom sticks past the tube a little, so when I glued the fins on, I smeared a little glue underneath to stiffen the paper.

I glued the launch lug onto a piece of 1/8 dowel to form a stand-off so the rod would clear the capsule.
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