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Default FSI 21mm Motors

Mark, Stefan, it is great to know that there are others who enjoy talking about big black powder motors. as I said before I never had that bad a problem with FSI motor reliability.
All of the 24 to 30 F100's that I launched worked 100%. the only problems I ever had were a
couple of E60's and one D20-0. and for those who need to know I have sent the following :
Pic #1 comparison of nozzles MPC/FSI/ COX Motors (1970's)
Pic # 2 MPC/ FSI/ COX 18mm motors.
Pic # 3 FSI 70 X 21, 95 X21 & 150 X 27 mm Motors.
Pic # 4 FSI RX-1 THRUSTER SYSTEM With F100-0 with fins and D20-12 for use with MACH 1
DART for Super Sonic Flight. I enjoyed all of this and will fly all these motors except the
70 X21mm and the Thruster System. Neal

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