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Jonathan 7 01-05-2019 12:23 PM

Three stages as parasite glider - but it fails solo
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Hi! Iím new to the forum and would love any input, comments, and/or suggestions for improving my Rocket (my first scratch build). It has multiple configurations, including lifting/launching a glider at apogee. The glider is supposed to also launch autonomously, as a stand-alone boost glider, but it doesnít work.

It is a two stage Rocket with an optional third stage. The booster takes a D12-0 and the second stage is a cluster of two 18mm motors. They are two for two for air-starts!

Anyway, one 18mm 2nd stage motor ejects the parachute (teal recovery bay with a 12.5 in Estes parachute) and the other 18mm motor can either eject a glider or another small rocket with a BT-20 body - or it can launch it as a third-stage! Iíve only launched twice; I havenít tested a third-stage air start yet. I plan on trying this weekend.

The glider separates beautifully and it glides like the Space Shuttle. The large elevons offset the weight very well. I intended the glider to double as an autonomous boost glider, with rear ejection, but it failed twice.

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