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MarkB. 08-05-2017 11:01 PM

WAC drawing?

Anybody got a dimensioned drawing of the WAC from a Bumper-WAC? I've seen the one from the Czech modeler. And I found Gordy's shop drawing on this website. I was hoping there is an Alway-style drawing out there somewhere.

I was thinking of building a 1/10th scale for single stage flying to go with my Semroc-based WAC and WAC B.

mwtoelle 08-06-2017 08:45 PM

There is a Pete Alway drawing of the Bumper version of the WAC Corporal in ROTW. I have not seen any thing but the first edition, but the relevant drawing is on page 91. Since that configuration of the WAC Corporal was not flown by itself, there is not much detail in that drawing. The major changes in the WAC are two spin rockets 180 degrees apart on the WAC body, an ogive nose cone, and four find of a different planform than on the WAC Corporals that have been kitted. Matt Steele may have some info on the Bumper WACs since he used to fly them S5C in the WSMC. It was a popular choice for that event because of FAI rules before they were changed in the last revision cycle to allow a wider range of prototypes.

Ez2cDave 10-21-2017 09:14 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Is this what you are looking for ?

Dave F.

MarkB. 10-22-2017 06:35 AM

Thanks, Dave.

Ez2cDave 10-22-2017 07:41 AM

You're welcome . . . Have a great build !

Dave F.

blackshire 10-22-2017 12:59 PM

Originally Posted by MarkB.
Thanks, Dave.
You mean, "Da--spasibo, comrade!" :-) Dave's drawing raises an interesting question, though:

Which Bumper round is it? The WAC second stage has a conical nose in the drawing, while the round (or rounds) in Peter's book have ogive noses (so does the one in Dave's attached photograph above). Bumper 4 was the famous 1949 White Sands vehicle that climbed 244 miles high (some books say 250 miles), while Bumpers 8 and 7 (launched in that order, after #7 sputtered on the pad due to faulty wiring) were the first rockets launched at Cape Canaveral, in 1950. Also, some of the Bumper photographs were retouched back then, probably for security reasons--on assembled vehicles, the protruding edges of the WAC fins were eliminated, and I wonder if the WAC nose cone might have been altered from an ogive to a true cone by the retouching, at least in some pictures?

jdbectec 10-22-2017 02:38 PM

That looks like the drawing from Czech modeler. I would not count on it being accurate. If one ventures over to TRF James Duffy has a thread that includes more accurate information. He scales the Wac to BT-20 to match the Larger Estes V-2.

jdbectec 10-22-2017 02:44 PM

The Wac information starts about the middle of page 2. He has a lot of good tips for the V-2 in there too.

He also poasts a pdf workshop drawing and a fin pattern.

blackshire 10-22-2017 02:54 PM

Originally Posted by jdbectec

The Wac information is about the middle of the thread. He has a lot of good tips for the V-2 in there too.
Thank you for posting it. Bumper 7's WAC definitely had an ogive nose, with some kind of tip-mounted sensor(s). I was leery about the accuracy of that drawing too, but having never seen pictures of Bumpers 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 (just 4, 8, and 7), I wonder if any of the five obscure ones had conical noses as in the drawing.

Ez2cDave 10-22-2017 03:00 PM

This is a very interesting document . . . Bumper Wac starts on page 76 . . .

Dave F.

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