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01-16-2012, 07:49 PM
One of my new and favorite places to launch rockets. No power lines!

Tripoli Indiana is proud to announce that registration for ThunderStruck 2012 is NOW OPEN. Standing waiver 16K, windows to 23.5K, new Wilson F/X launch system, research Friday 3/30, commercial 3/31-4/1 (subject to change - all 3 days may become fly ANY motor), rocket & cash raffle, Saturday NIGHT LAUNCH (Class 1), food & porta-potties available. With apologies to MWP and QCRS, the BEST field in the Midwest - no trees, power lines or creeks, O impulse capable. See club website (www.indianarocketry.com<http://www.indianarocketry.com>) for details. ALL vendors and flyers welcome - please forward info. to other interested parties. Thank you.